Take advantage of our final phase of fully renovated row houses in one of Baltimore’s hot new neighborhoods

Imagine living in an “Energywise” and “Healthwise” home for a down payment of only about $1,700 and a monthly payment of only about $1,130!*

Station East is a uniquely designed, completely re-envisioned community in historic East Baltimore — and one deeply rooted in local history. Originally built more than 100 years ago, today it’s re-emerging as an exciting new neighborhood, featuring beautifully rehabbed homes starting at $167,990 and filled with the latest amenities.

Don’t worry about rising interest rates anymore…we have solved that problem for you! When you buy a house from Station East. your mortgage rate will be locked in (fixed) by one of our preferred lenders. No need to be worried about interest rate increases while your house is being built for you. The rate is set by the lender at contract. And, if rates go down yours will also. Buy now to fix your rate!

Don’t want to wait for a house to be built for you at Station East? Now, you don’t have to! We have 3 houses under construction now for completion later this year…909 Port, 909 Bradford and 905 Bradford. Buy now, fix your mortgage rate, and move in for the holidays. All the decisions have been made for you…all that is missing is you and your furnishings


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Watch the video below for a walk through of one of our homes.